Clarity, 2013

Paper made from California bulrush, 12 ft x 17 ft x 3 ft.

The Napa River has at times in history been a point of contention, beauty, concern, frustration, livelihood, and wonder. Overall, the waters of the Napa River are the lifeblood of the Valley, hydrating the its soils, fauna and biota, supporting the thriving grandeur that is the Napa Valley. As global warming increases and the California drought continues, a thriving watershed such as Napa River is something to celebrate, treasure, and hold dear.

Historically, the indigenous Wappo navigated the Napa River in canoes constructed of native California bulrush (Schoenoplectus californicus). This fiber was collected from the shores of Winery Lake on the Di Rosa Preserve, less than a mile from the final installation.

These panels embody the idea of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Napa River watersheds. Through papercutting, the human mark made upon the native fiber reflects the human presence in Napa River ecosystem.

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